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from 10/12/2008 till 02/17/2009

did you like vampires before the twilight saga?
i've allready read some books before or watched a movie, but twilight is the best!   35.71%
what a stupid question... i am a vampire...    18.83%
yes, i've always loved vampires!    31.82%
no, not really, they've always been monsters to me    12.99%
vampire? never heart of anything like that? is it a new fashion brand, or what?    0.65%

154 total votes

do you like the new twilight trailer?
yes, it's really great!    84.44%
yes, but i can't remember, everything of that was in the book.    5.19%
not really, but you have to see the whole movie, to know if it's good.    7.41%
it's really boring!    0.74%
i hate it!    2.22%

135 total votes

from 08/08/2008 till 10/12/2008

have you already bought breaking dawn?
yes, of course!!!   82.61%
no, but i will get it next time.   17.39%
no, and i'm not going to    0%

46 total votes

which book do you like most?
twilight    32%
new moon    2%
eclipse    12%
breaking dawn    10%
i can't say, what's best, they are all great!    36%
i think i'm going to like midnight sun the most.   8%

50 total votes

do you like the twilight cast?
yes, they made a great choice, they are perfect!    38.3%
they are nearly perfect!    34.04%
i don't like some of the actors, but most are good.    23.4%
they really could have find better ones.    2.13%
i hate them! this cast is the most horrible they could have chosen!!!    2.13%

47 total votes

from 07/13/2008 till 08/08/2008

who is your favourite cullen?
carlisle   0%
esme   0%
edward   60%
alice   15 %
jasper   5%
emmet   20%
rosalie   0%

20 total votes

will edward bite bella in the end?
yes   90,91%
maybe   0%
no, but they will stay together   0%
no, because bella will take jake in the end   9.09%
that is all the same to me... ask stephenie, she will tell you...   0%

11 total votes

would you like to be a vampire?
yes,it must be great to be as strong as a vampire   20%
yes, but only if edward bites me!   53.33%
yes, of course!!! is there anybody out to bite me???   20%
never ever!!!   6.67%

15 total votes

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